Posted by: Armand | April 4, 2011

David Cameron’s running gait

I loved this story. It talks about the limitations of David Cameron’s running gait, criticizes his small stride, and makes any number of ridiculous but entertaining comparisons between managing your running and managing a country.

The proportionality between the angle of your running stride and the distance covered does alway surprise me (“…you cover two per cent more ground with each stride for every degree you increase your stride angle”. I really need to do some more stretching… although as much of my training this sabbatical has included heavy-lifting in the garden as it has running and stretching so limited progress has been made.

Unfortunately, unlike David Cameron, I can’t afford to hire personal trainer Matt Roberts to sort out my running stride. I’m still thinking about getting a running coach but not sure where to start. I may start by joining my local running club (blog here) and see if anyone there has any good advice for me.


  1. There was also a good article in the Times last weekend about DCs gait. Giles Coren put it down to DC’s time at Eton. Winged collar – causing his head to be held high. Short strides due to smooth soled shoes. He needed to run in this gear to cover the large distances between departments in the inter-lesson inteval.

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