Posted by: Armand | November 5, 2010

Running with baby revisited

Having said that running buggies were not for me, and my general clumsiness precluded me hazarding my child on a jog, I’m now having second thoughts.

Settling into the working routine of dadhood has taken some doing. I’m up at 0545, at work by 0740 and not home till 1915 at the earliest. I get about two precious hours with my wife and daughter before the bedtime ritual begins.

This morning, a Friday, I woke after an unsettled night’s sleep. Not the crying of my child to blame, not at all (Emily had one of her most settled night’s sleeps so far, in fact!) but rather the excited anticipation of getting the next 48 hours with her.

And so, how to motivate myself to trudge out into the cold and wet for an hour or so to run??

She’s still too small for a running buggy but perhaps its not as ludicrous a thought as I first imagined it would be. I’m not *that* clumsy, after all, I haven’t dropped her at any point, and I would be careful. She loves bumpy pram and car journeys, maybe she’ll enjoy a 10k with Daddy??

One to mull over….



  1. Oh, Armand, that is an awfully long day 😦 What time does Emily go down? We had a 10 to 10 routine when Jasmine was tiny as neither Vik nor I wanted to get up early, but we kept it when he went back to work so he’d get to see as much of her as possible. Nursery has meant it’s from 7 to 7, which I guess is more usual and leaves us with time together alone too, which is important. How are you working it?

  2. p.s. I am positive that Emily will be fine in a running buggy, but you’d have to wait till she’s sitting up. Perhaps it would be an idea to keep running on hold for 4 months or however long until the transfer is, enjoy the time you have with her at home and be ready to run as a daddy-daughter team in the Spring?

  3. The day is fine, really! It’s just the shortness of time with the girls that I bemoan.

    Emily goes to bed around 10 and Amanda drives me to the station at 6.30, so she’s up from around 6 for a feed etc. She’s still at the 16 hours of sleep a day phase so routine not locked in stone, but with only one overnight feed last night Amanda is celebrating!

    I can’t stop running for four months or I won’t be able to move! Will try to keep runs shorter and faster I think to compensate! And think about running buggy when the time comes!

  4. One overnight feed is awesome – good girl Emily! And what a great mummy 🙂

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