Posted by: Armand | September 5, 2010

Good running headphones…

…are hard to come by. My wonderful (client provided) Logitech Metro-Fi iPhone earphones (a precursor of these) are amazing for normal music listening, but (as with all in-ear headphones) struggle against the relentless pounding rhythm of running.

I had been using a slightly mediocre pair of Philips earphones I’d availed myself off eBay for £4 until a few weeks ago – but they suffered two faults towards the end of their existence: 1) the plug struggled to get past the iPhone4’s bumper, not quite fitting into the socket and 2) it suffered the fatal cable failure that results in crackling audio instead of stereo music (sound cutting in and out of one ear or the other continuously).

I found these on eBay for about £15 and am thrilled – like my old headphones they are wrap-around and rubberised – immune to jogging bumps as well as the inevitable sweat. I’d recommend them to anyone who likes music whilst they jog…



  1. Can I invite you to try some of our music designed for running?

  2. I’d love to – but I’m moving house in a couple of days and doubt I’ll be organised enough to download it, get it into my iTunes library and then onto the iPhone.

    Maybe when I’m settled in the country!

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