Posted by: Armand | September 2, 2010

Should I stretch before I run? No.

I’ve talked about this before – the wisdom of Sensei Paul and others is validated by a new US study, which shows that pre-running ‘hold and release’ stretching not only has no positive impact on injury prevention but can actually cause injury. The study did say that if you did currently stretch before running, you should ease your way out of it rather than stop ‘cold turkey’ to minimise injury risk.

via LifeHacker – check their site out for the précis here.



  1. Hi Armand

    There is a consensus in the physio community that pre-race stretching (passive static holding) has a negative effect as it decreases peak force output and could increase the risk of injury if done “cold”.

    Warm up is recommended before any exercise/activity and this should include general movements of the major joints in the body (hips, ankles shoulders etc) to prepare the body for exercise.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Glad to see you are doing well and good luck for the race.

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