Posted by: Armand | August 26, 2010

5 week LSR training for the half marathon

Right, here we go.

Having peaked early by running the full half marathon distance earlier in the year (twice!), injuring myself and been off running for the best part of the last couple of months, I need a running programme leading up to the New Forest Half in September. I made it out this morning for a more or less 30 minute 5k with no knee pain so think I can start to gradually build things up. Of course, I only have 5 weeks, and I’ll be moving over the course of that so I need to map out each weekend’s LSR. Here are my targets:

w/e 28 Aug – 7k (I’m still building up strength post-injury so think I need to restrain myself. May exceed if I feel able)
w/e 4 Sept – 10k
w/e 11 Sept – 13k
w/e 18 Sept – 15k

And I’ll taper off that last week ahead of the half marathon on the 26th. Mid week will involve runs of 5k to begin with, possibly upping to 10k is the strength builds (and I may struggle once the commute lengthens in mid September).

Sound like a plan? Wish me luck! Better yet, sponsor me here! I have a vague hope of making it to £1310 (£100 per mile and all that) but have a feeling my busy-ness will constrain fundraising.



  1. Seems a sensible plan. I never know whether to taper or not if you’re on a tight schedule. I’ve been in that position this week through inaction. Bristol half on Sunday. I decided that the fitness benefits from some hard training this week would outweight the benefits of a proper taper.

    You still have plenty of time and I hope that you find fitness comes back quickly. If it was me I’d try for a little further in w/e 18 Sept but all done at a nice slow pace just to get your body used to being in action for the kind of time that it will be in the event itself. But then there’s always the add 10% per week to long run rule…..

    A few mile reps mid week should boost your basic speed.

  2. Thanks P/Diddy. I’ve pushed myself sooner than that – done a 15ker so should be able to bump myself a little higher next weekend and the weekend after. I hope – if the house move doesn’t wipe me out!

    How did the Bristol half go? Want a guest blog post??

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