Posted by: Armand | July 20, 2010

Running at the Equator

In Malaysia helping prepare for my sister’s wedding. (Half)-Marathon training is easier, but not nearly as fulfilling, exciting or entertaining.

I have managed to get in a couple of runs, which, because of the 30 degree+ heat, take place shirtless, indoors on a treadmill, usually under a fan with accompanying air-conditioning. It’s very, very sweaty. But oddly satisfying.

On the plus side – am actually enjoying treadmill running for the first time in ever. Doing some moderately quick sessions with some intervals – run 1 saw me alternate between 10.5 and 12 km/h, completing the 5k circuit in 26.13, and run 2 saw me jogging at between 10.7 and 11km/h, finishing in 27ish minutes (run briefly interrupted). I’m discounting these as ‘personal bests’ as treadmill running is just so much easier than real life running…

My Dad’s treadmill setup includes a box set of ER, which you can’t really hear over the running (my Dad tends to just use it for walking so less of an issue), but is totally watchable with subtitles – good motivation to keep going for 4o minutes tomorrow as the knee recovers and strength starts to build again…



  1. All the best with your training. I find boxed sets are brilliant to have on while running or cross-training indoors. I’ve gone through Ugly Betty Season 1, and have the entire SATC series to keep me going.

  2. Thanks g. Ugly Betty and SATC wouldn’t work for me but I’m glad they have a use elsewhere 😉

    Sadly I’m now far away from treadmills (and, indeed, for the moment, training), so will have to settle for Mumford and Sons on the iPhone when I get back to it. I wonder if books on (digital) tape would work to make running more interesting?

  3. You’ll just have to try the digital books out for size. I run while listening to ballads (which would explain why I’m such a slow runner) but they keep me focussed. I found having a running partner to be the best motivator.

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