Posted by: jamescoyle | June 29, 2010

Sri Chinmoy 5km race – Battersea Park

Sri Chinmoy is a local running club – who put on a selection of events in Battersea Park on a Monday evening and Saturday morning. They are cheap, well marshalled, the course is flat, and everyone is very friendly.

Before last night I didn’t really have a 5km PB – have obviously covered the distance in training, on the treadmill at the gym and at the end of triathlons but I’ve never done a straight 5km race.

Training has been going pretty well, speed has been improving over the last couple of weeks and I felt pretty confident going into the race. I was aiming for 19.30 even though it was pretty warm last night – even at 7pm the heat was still pretty intense.

I underestimated the distance. After training for a marathon, it is easy to see a 5km race as a short sprint.  It isn’t and I made the schoolboy error of going out to fast and not being able to maintain pace.

Mile splits below: (I didn’t change autolap to KM unfortunately)

1    00:06:01
2    00:06:28
3    00:06:47
4    00:00:39

As you can see – i hit the fast mile far too hard and then spent the rest of the race struggling as the lactic acid built up and I slowed. A decent learning – don’t get caught up by others around you and dragged out too fast. Run your own race.

Overall results here (19.58, 35th overall, 29th in Age Group. The winner came in sub 16!)

Garmin results here ( Check out the heart rate! An AVG of 194 and a max of 204 – worryingly high! But obviously working hard)

Overall I am happy with going sub-20 but also a bit disappointed that I slowed so dramatically. Never mind – next time I am going under 19.30.



  1. Well done for putting in so much effort in that heat, by the looks of those heart rates you were really going for it!

    Does your Garmin do heart rate and GPS lap times? Do you have to set the course beforehand? Do you have to wear a chest strap with it? Other questions I haven’t thought of yet

  2. Thanks buddy.

    It does everything. I seriously only use about 1/4 of the functions. I have it set-up up with an auto-lap for every mile (you can change to kms if you want)

    You can also set courses – I haven’t done this yet tho.

    Yes it does require a chest strap – but so do all HRMs.

    My main gripe with it is how long it takes for it to locate the satellites when starting up.

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