Posted by: Armand | June 28, 2010

Why do long slow runs?

Joe writes a great post on this. Key takeaways:

Running long provides a lot of great benefits:
# Strengthens the heart – larger stroke volume.
# Strengthens the leg muscles – endurance is developed.
# Mind Work – mental toughness and coping skills are developed.
# Develops fat burning capacity
# Increases number and size of mitochondria
# Increases capillary growth into muscle fibers.
# Increases aerobic efficiency.
# Increase in Maximum VO2.

I can’t wait to get my knee sorted and get back to these. I’d add:

  • The LSR helps you develop an enjoyment for running. The LSR is more leisurely, so you can watch the world go by.
  • If you do it on a Sunday, you sleep well and are better braced for the week ahead…
  • It shifts your frame of reference for distance running. I don’t think of a 10k as a particularly long run anymore, which is pretty amazing given that 3 months ago I’d never run more than 5…

Do you do/enjoy a weekend LSR? Why?

Oh: Juneathon day 28 – 5.5k cycles x2 (35mins), 100 sit-ups.



  1. Technical reasons LSR is good: I found this pretty persuasive as my 5k/10k times are much better than my predicted marathon.

    Do I enjoy the LSR? Most of the time, although the winter training can be really tough as I do it my own. I like the fact that I’m not really clock watching so I’ll go out for an explore and expect to get lost – I can only memorise so much of an OS map before heading out. I also like being able to stop and admire a view without feeling bad.

    Started harvesting red onion the other day. They’re gag-reflexingly strong.

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