Posted by: jamescoyle | June 24, 2010

2 commons route – Monday run

Here are the Garmin results from my run on  Monday evening  with Clapham Common Chasers. A total of 4.66 miles in 31 mins. The high AVG heart rate shows how hard i was working!

Mile splits as follows…

1    00:06:39
2    00:06:35
3    00:06:29
4    00:06:43
5    00:04:32

Interesting to see the improvement in speed from the same run two weeks ago.  AVG mile pace of 6.39 on Monday, compared to 6.58 a couple of weeks back.


  1. That’s incredible! Congratulations on the pace improvement. I’m envious of your speed!

  2. Thanks. Got my eye on that 5km race on Monday now.

  3. Nice work – other than steady runs, what sorts of intervals etc have you been doing to get your speed up?

    I’m struggling to make significant improvements in speed so any advice very welcome!

  4. Hi Matt,

    Have been doing one speed session a week which normally consists of 10-15 repetitions of a short distance, 400m, at faster than 5km pace. With short recovery between each (25 secs).

    Blogged about one session here:

    Intervals sessions are probably my hardest training session of the week. I want to start doing at the track, the treadmill can be a little boring.

    Also, running with Clapham Common Chasers has helped. Even though I go to the “social run” – it is still fast and being such a competitive sort, I end up going faster than I would on a normal Monday steady session.

    Let me know how you get on – and if you decide to do a 70.3 – I’ve been toying with the idea myself.

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