Posted by: Armand | June 21, 2010

The gradual reintroduction of the knee

No run this morning, despite earlier hopes. The pollen count is literally dismantling me. However; day 21 of Juneathon has seen 80 sit-ups and the reintroduction of the (this morning, very gentle) cycle to work (so I’ve done 5.5k and it’ll be 5.3 on the return journey tonight). The knee, whilst slightly tentative, is not too bad, which is pleasing on a number of counts:

  1. One more day off – and I’ll try a run on Weds
  2. Cycling again!
  3. The doctor was right – despite the strictures of the 7 minute NHS diagnosis mandate, he saw, assessed, diagnosed and prescribed the appropriate course of action to lead to recovery

It’s less pleasing because…

  1. The doctor was right – meaning I need to take his advice and reduce my mileage. He said it should take six months of build up before I was doing the kind of distance I was doing (it’d been three) – and I only have 3 months left until the half-marathon, so need to work out an appropriate level of training

I think I’m going to aim for a post Juneathon regimen that involves merely 4 runs a week – three at three or so miles and one longer piece which I’ll vary, between 6.5 and 13 miles over the course of the build-up – my “LSR.” I’m not sure if this is sensible or not, but I hope so… Any Senseis out there with a view? I probably do need to get a running coach…



  1. Been reading back quite a way, LSR catchups have become a once a week occurence.

    The Doc: GPs are great as first port of call for running injury. I went to see one once (I’ve been very forunate with health) and she was able to confirm that I was injured and I should rest – so it sounds like your doc knew a bit more about running. To sort my injury out I ended up parting with cash and visiting a physio. There was stark contrast – he was able to give constructive advice to get me back on the road, and seemed to understand better my frustration about not being able to get run. If your knee problems continue I would think seriously about getting a recommendation for physio.

    The training schedule. My view is that the LSR is your most important run and it seems that you think the same way. The three other runs will probably keep you on tickover -not necessarily gaining speed but not losing it either. However, the LSRs should be building endurance which will help with your race time. If you are able to bike to work that is also good aerobic work which will help. I would consider adding a bit of speedwork to one of your runs.

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