Posted by: Armand | June 17, 2010

BMI, damn BMIs and genetics

I finished off day 16 of Juneathon with another 60 crunches and a few push-ups not even worth counting. A pretty depressing day on the exercise front, and the knee not feeling substantially better – and no material change this morning, so didn’t even attempt cycling. This morning’s effort was another 60 crunches which I’ll top up with some more this evening; see if I can do a thousand or so crunches in the next five days of enforced no running – adding deep stretching and push-ups as the week progresses.

But as to the subject line; people who’ve known me for a while (say, more than 18 months) will know that I was a little tubby up to Apr 09 or thereabouts. In the run-up to the wedding I lost about 19kg, dropping my BMI from 29 (on the verge of obese) to 25 (on the threshold of normal), which I was pretty pleased about. When I saw the Doc yesterday about my knee, whilst he did congratulate me on “turning my life around”, he did make clear that as a man of South Asian origin my propensity for type 2 diabetes (the type caused by having too much fat in your system) is much higher and I should be aiming for a BMI of 23. This is going to mean another 5-7kg (the best part of a stone!) needs to be lost. Whilst this was the long term plan anyway, it was a bit frustrating – I thought I’d met the ‘healthy’ goalpost and was just aiming for ‘fit’ whereas it now feels like I’m still in the fat camp fighting my way out.

But I will do it, damnit. I’ll kick the crap out of my genes by any means I have available, even if it means I become a calorie counting nark once again. Bring it on.



  1. Don’t let the injury get you down – you’re doing the right thing by stopping. It takes a lot of self dicipline not to run sometimes but keep focused on the long goal, if this half-mara doesn’t work out there’ll be plenty more!

    Just to steal the blog for a bit:
    5k last night – put myself at a slight disadvantage by not resting beforehand. The usual training load for the week, then on the day 20miles on the bike into work and 6 miles after work to race HQ. No paticular target as I’ve never set a PB for 5k so was running to check fitness and pace for the longer stuff. Came in 16:28 so pretty pleased, 1 second behind the winner (grrr).

    On the growing front: A first tonight. Garlic scape. It grows out the top the plant and will form the seed head if left. However, the stalk is tender and mildly garlic. Worked well in stir-fry. Only available over a short window in June.

  2. […] of which, visit Sensei Paul’s  mini-guest post in this comment, in which he reports on his 5k attempt (did he make it in sub-17 minutes?) and talks about his […]

  3. Nice going on the 5k, Paul!

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