Posted by: jamescoyle | June 15, 2010

Juneathon – Update from me

I am not very good at updating on a daily basis on my Juneathon activities – but I have been keeping busy.

My weekend involved an open water swim, 1.5 hour bike ride and 5 km run. None particularly quick or difficult but was good to get to first wetsuit swim of the year done. The Sepentine Lido is great value, never particularly busy and easy to get for me.  (I did about 1500m)

Monday involved a cycle into work and back and the usual Clapham Common Chasers run in the evening. This was interesting! It wasn’t that busy – maybe the world cup had an impact – and as usual we headed off in the fast group. It was the two bridges route this week , the shorter of the two courses at about 7km. But this week I wasn’t at the back of the group, in fact I found myself running about 100m behind the leader (who goes off pretty quickly).

My splits were:

Mile 1 – 6.07

Mile 2 – 6.36

Mile 3 – 6.30

Mile 4 – 6.25

0.31 mile – 1.55

Which gave me a time of 27.34 for 4.31 miles which is an average of 6.24 min mile pace – am happy with that!

Granted there are a couple of breaks during the run (where everyone regroups) – but it is still sub-40minute 10k pace and a vast improvement on how I was running about a month ago. Now to put into a race!

Garmin map and summary is here.


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