Posted by: Armand | June 13, 2010

Juneathon day 13 and iced kneecaps

Getting the willpower up to run today was HARD. Yesterday’s 10 miler was the longest run I’d done in about 3 weeks and, given the high mileage last week, I had pretty sore knees. Having iced them (HAH to commercially sold ice-gel-packs, hoorah to a bag of frozen peas) last night and again this morning, however, and topping it off with the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen (treating the swelling and therefore the pain, not just dulling the pain – I hope!), the worst of it was done and I forced myself out for another 30-minute 5k – which was a speedy way to start the week (my personal best for this route/distance is 29.06).

I still don’t know whether I’m doing myself real damage – it feels like the knees are strengthening and I’m still between zero and one on any meaningful pain threshold…

That said, I am really enjoying Juneathon, but beginning to get pretty tired. Hoping that I sleep a bit better next week and the pre-work runs don’t hurt quite so much…


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