Posted by: Armand | June 10, 2010

Juneathon day 10

This morning, after two record-breaking mornings, saw me doing a gentle lap of my 5k route in 31.40, in “negative splits” as I’ve read it called, where you speed up towards the end of your route. Only, I find “positive splits” really difficult as it takes me quite a while to warm up… first 10 mins or so at the least. Today’s Juneathon efforts will wrap up with a cycle in and out of work – about 7 miles/11k.

June totals to date are approx 29 miles run, 33 miles cycled. I need to get in a couple of proper LSRs to top May’s 85 miles run. Will attempt a longer run this weekend.



  1. negative splits are the holy grail for runners!

  2. I agree with JC – neg splits are to be treasured. Never done it under race conditions in anything more than a 10k and believe me, you don’t get the feeling that you could have pushed harder in the first half.
    Something like 90% of finishers got positive splits in FLM08 and I guess that figure stays fairly constant. In the longer events it’s all about having the balls to run slower than you’re comfortable with in the first half so that you can reap the rewards in the second. I thought I was really holding back in London this year but still completed the first half 6 minutes quicker than the second.

  3. Thanks both – today I pushed hard for the second half of the run and managed negative splits again, managing an 8.25 mile in mile 5 of a 6.5 mile run – v. pleased!

    I’m not sure I’d manage it for a longer run either, but I used to think of a 10k as a long run, so maybe I need to work harder at endurance and I’ll be able to extend it to a half-marathon!

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