Posted by: jamescoyle | June 8, 2010

Training update

Have been a bit slack with updates over the last week or so but have been training hard.

Had a physio session last Thursday to try and fix an ongoing problem with my left knee. Richard worked wonders – full diagnosis and treatment in one hour.  Problem stemmed from extremely tight hamstrings and quadriceps causing an imbalance in stride length and additional strain being put on my knee causing the inflammation and pain.   This is pretty good news – means it is relatively easy to fix.  I have a new stretching regime to help improve flexibility and Richard worked on lengthening the muscles in the leg using his hi-tech equipment which sent electrical impulses into the muscle (similar to how the brain gets muscles to contract).

Can’t recommend Richard highly enough. His contact details are on the Recover Fast website.

So after that there was a gentle run 20 min run on Friday to test the knee which felt a lot better and I ran pain free for the first time since the marathon.

Saturday – 1.5 hrs on the triathlon bike around London followed by a lap of Clapham common. (4.25km in 18.57 – 7.07 min/mile pace)

Sunday – 40km on the bike in the morning. which included two laps of Richmond Park (11km each – 23min, 22.30 mins) and then another lap of clapham common in the evening. (4.25km in 17.35 – 6.41 min mile pace)

Monday – Cycled into work and back (not far, only about 7km each way) and then 8km run in 34.54 with clapham common chasers in the fast group. (6.58 min mile pace)

Today – swimming after work. I’ve got some hard gym run and bike sessions on Wednesday and Thursday.

So Juneathon continues – not sure I am updating the blog regularly enough but the training is certainly happening!



  1. […] up too, although a little sore. I should probably check in with someone about those… maybe James’ Recover Fast […]

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