Posted by: Armand | June 8, 2010

Friends of the LSR

Readers of the site (rather than the RSS feed, Facebook links etc) will have noticed a new tab in the navigation taking you through to a “Friends of the LSR” page – this is where James and I will list our running mates, friends and colleagues – the people that inspire us to all this running lunacy. I’ve started plugging a few names and “bios” in as I frequently reference odd-named people in my posts (my curious personality has me consulting with all my friends on running technique, tips and technology), so hopefully this will demystify it for you… if you were wondering who Sensei Paul, BIL, Jimjamjebobo et al were, have a look… and if I’ve left you off, let me know and I’ll fix that toot sweet.

Today’s Juneathon effort (day 8): 10.4km in 63 minutes – pretty much bang on a 60 minute 10k, which I’m very pleased with. Felt like a ‘return to form’ after a slow couple of weeks. Was tough work in the pouring rain, though…


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