Posted by: Armand | May 28, 2010


I was blitzing my way through a bunch of new running blog subscriptions (you’ll see some new links in the blogroll) when I discovered Juneathon, a virtual challenge to the running community to run (or exercise) and blog daily throughout June made by Cathy at Jog Blog. Given that @jimbocoyle and I share the authorship of this blog, we figured we could go for a joint effort at facing the challenge! Sorry if this is a bit of a cop-out… but it’ll improve the chances of a daily post for y’all!

Here’s our commitment to enter on JogBlog’s official Juneathon page.

I still haven’t conquered the hay fever so the first few days could be a challenge, but I managed a cycle today (another new personal best, probably the last for a while, we an average 12mph pace for the 3.5mile cycle, London traffic notwithstanding), so that’s a contribution ahead of June kicking off!



  1. A joint effort? How does that work then? I’ll have to ask the Independent Adjudicator if that’s allowed…

  2. […] Inspired by the thought of doing “Juneathon,” I thought I’d end May  by doing a “Weekendathon” – running 26 […]

  3. Cathy – we’ll both be exercising daily but will alternate for blog posts so as to not drown our readership… hopefully that will suit?

  4. Nice to find another Londoner signed up for this challenge:-)

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