Posted by: jamescoyle | May 26, 2010

Intervals – Week 2

I did the second interval session in my training plan. Trying to get some speed into my legs and improve cadence after months of marathon training. My next target race is the London Triathlon – which obviously includes a 10km run at the end so trying to up my pace and also improve recovery between efforts.

The session looked something like this (with a 10min warm-up and 10 min warm down)

3 x 400m (2mins each including rest) (we’ll call this Lap 1)

2 x 800m (4 mins each inc rest) Lap 2

3 x 400m (2 mins each inc rest) Lap 3

So the efforts were pretty short – 20 mins in total – but intense.

I thought it might be interesting to show results from Garmin – shows pace, heart rate and distance. If you look at the red line you can follow the efforts and its impact on HR, it increases throughout and then drops dramatically while resting (normally for about 20 seconds) and then picks up again. You can see the seven peaks – the last one doesn’t drop off as I stopped timing.

I split into three laps on the Garmin – one for each set. The paces and HRs are slightly skewed as they include the rest periods.

Lap 1 – 6.09 total time – 5.01km pace, 170 AVG HR

Lap 2 – 7.50 total time, 4.54km pace, 180 AVG HR

Lap 3 – 6.05 total time – 4.51km pace, 177 AVG

So that is my running speed work for the week. More distance over the weekend with a long slow run and hopefully a lot more time on the bike.

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