Posted by: jamescoyle | May 25, 2010

Brick Session 1

I set out last night to do this week’s bike session set out in my plan – 1 hour of tough intervals, which aimed to move my heart rate through the different training zones. It is a pretty intense session and can be quite hard to move into the right zone for the specified times. However, Ralf is the master – I just do what he says.

Pretty quickly i found myself struggling with the conditions, there was so much pollen and dust last night that breathing was difficult and even through I was wearing sunglasses – the dust was going into my eyes and  scratching my contacts. Not nice. So after 45 mins I headed home.

I was back early so decided to tag on a little 20 minute run for my first brick session of the year. Brick sessions are an important part of any triathlon training plan and simply involve doing two disciplines one immediately after the other. The bike-run brick is probably the most important – it helps you get used to the weird wobbly feeling in your legs you inevitably get as you get off the bike and move into the run.  Read more about effective sessions and some examples here.

Anyway – the run last night went quite well. 4.29km in 19.29. AVG HR – 181. Max HR – 186.  This is 4.32 Km pace – fingers crossed my race pace for the run at London Triathlon.


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