Posted by: Armand | May 24, 2010

Knee injuries and running

I’m not injured. I don’t think. It’s hard to know. A few of my friends, including Matt the Inept and JKB tell me of injuries or injury-proneness, but since I sorted out my flat-footedness with orthotics (sorted out for me by this guy) and lost the weight that was triggering shin-splints, I have largely been injury free. I think.

The strange thing has been, between the India trip (it was 40 degrees C in Delhi) and coming back to an uncharacteristically hot London (28 degrees here, crazy I know!), I’ve been uncertain as to weather the heat has caused some swelling in my knees, they’re still recovering from the 21k I ran last Thursday, or… nothing, and this is how 30-year-old-run-on-a-lot-knees are supposed to feel. Not hurting, exactly, but popping a bit and feeling a little tender (this discussion suggests minor patellar tendonitis, damn self-diagnosis…)

Needless to say, the Internets holds a variety of “wisdom” – stretching, improving hydration and knee braces are things I should consider according to this dude, this discussion on MapMyRun suggests running on grass to reduce impact, icing the knees, reducing mileage, taking painkillers (surely that’s mental)… and dietary supplements. But that said, most of the people with these “problems” experience real pain rather than minor aches. I’m on a 0 or 1 out of 10 on the pain scale (where ten is agony and 1 is nothing at all…)

I’ve always believed (though not always acted) on the guidance that you should “listen to your body” and I’m just not sure what my body is telling me… “work harder, keep building strength”, or “be careful, injury’s not far away.” I’m hoping it’s the former as tomorrow morning I try my first Runkeeper guided interval training session. Wish me luck.

Any thoughts from other runners out there?

Also: still looking for recommendations of additional (UK?) running blogs to follow, guidance appreciated – and links will follow in the blogroll!



  1. […] the first half of the 5k run, my knees thankfully not causing me any issues whatsoever despite yesterday’s concerns, at a reasonable (if not quick) split of about 6m16 per km on average, and then it dialled back to […]

  2. It’s bloody hard to filter aches from injury. My reckoning is that if it’s changing your gait then it needs sorting otherwise just run through. Sorting for me is usually RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation along with additional stretching. Running can be so addictive and you can be left on a real low if you miss sessions, it’s taken me 15 years of running to realise that sometimes less is more.

    Don’t always listen to your body -it lies. Felt on top of the world 3 days after FLM07 so went out for a fast 10k. Tore my calf after 1mile. On the flip side there have been numerous occassions where I’ve had colds and felt groggy but forced myself out the door for a run and came back restored.

  3. Gait not affected by knees, although shins played up a bit. Will keep monitoring and take my body’s notifications with a pinch of salt – Thanks Sensei P.

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