Posted by: Armand | May 20, 2010

Half marathon distance training run no 2

Ouch. I keep forgetting how far 21km is. It’s far.

This morning, ahead of a trip to India for a family wedding I ran the ridiculous distance again – hoping to improve on my previous 20k+ effort. And I think I did – maintaining a split of 6m30 per for the duration of the 2h19 minutes I was running (that’s a LOT of running). The run data is on Runkeeper here.

It was tough going though – the first 10.5k were OK but the return trip got fairly gruelling. I’d foolishly opted for no vaseline as my new running shirts had arrived (needed to apply it mid-run when I hit the 12k mark) and my endurance began to flag then too – having maintained a target beating split of 6m16 per km on the way out, the return trip saw me lose a second or two per kilometer until I finished with the final average split. The voice prompts in Runkeeper continue to be an excellent motivating force.

I crossed the 13.1m barrier (21.1k) after 2h17 minutes or thereabouts – which means that the road to the sub-2-hour half marathon is pretty steep – need to shave a minute off my splits, give or take. But I’ve got time, and am planning on dialling some interval training into Runkeeper to help with my speed training.

Any tips from anyone out there? I’m continuing to subscribe to Sensei Paul’s school of thinking that any miles under my belt will help, even if the training is slightly haphazard, so pleased that I managed to achieve the distance again.



  1. Sensei Paul is correct in saying that any miles in your legs will be of benefit. The fact that you have already covered the distance twice is a good start. Interval training is one of the best ways to increase your speed and if you can program it into Runkeeper then all the better. Maybe try doing 4 x 1km intervals in 5 minutes with a couple of minutes jog recovery in between. Then build it up to a maximum of 8 intervals. I should probably say, I’m not a coach and these are just my thoughts!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I will try something akin to that but I think I’m a way away from being able to do 5 minute 1ks with that kind of consistency. I was thinking 1mins fast (4:30 ish pace) / 2min steady (6:30ish pace) for my 5k runs, and building up from that, but will have to see when I try it!

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