Posted by: jamescoyle | May 18, 2010

Clapham Common Chasers – Monday run

It was the longer run last night with Clapham Common Chasers, the 9.2km Two Commons route.  I went in the fast group again and felt a bit more comfortable than last week. I was still towards the back but didn’t feel like I was slowing people down!

I had a few technical issues with the new Garmin so I haven’t got total timings for the run. But the average pace was around 7.20 min/mile. (which is about 44 min 10k pace)

My heart rate was pretty high – 180 AVG – so I was obviously pushing myself. (Although I naturally have quite a high HR – i was was often averaging 15/20 beats per min higher than my training partner during marathon training and we ended up getting the same time)

Plan for the rest of the week – swimming tonight, out on the bike on Wednesday night,  interval run session before work on Thursday and then a rest on Friday. Weekend will involve the long slow run and some decent time on the bike on Sunday afternoon. A busy week of training – only 12 weeks until London Tri.


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