Posted by: Armand | May 13, 2010

The banana beat me

The banana beat me. But I got a new personal best time- splits of 5m30 per kilometer. Was a lot of fun for my first race. More will follow… But here’s a pic!



  1. Is that Bananaman you’re with? Congratulations Armand, you’re looking far too relaxed for your first race. I want more, more, more for your next one. Sweats, nausea, shortness of breath! Honestly though, well done you. Enjoy the post race feast, you deserve it.

  2. It is bananaman (aka my friend James who works for WCRF). I think my structural limitations slow me down more than my fitness at the moment, need to work at more stretching… and do a bit of speed and hill training. That’s next on my list!

    Thanks for the encouragement Han, one of these days I’ll keep up with you on a run!

  3. I am very similar to bananaman in many ways.

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