Posted by: jamescoyle | May 12, 2010

Test week

My training focus has shifted as I move into triathlon season.  For the last few years I have competed in triathlons during the summer months with a couple of colleagues from work. Although I’m never particularly successful, I do enjoy the variety that the training provides – having three events to work on makes it interesting.

To help me put together my training regime for the next couple of months I have enlisted the help of triathlon guru, Ralph Hydes.  A well-respected coach, he is going to help me put together a plan that gets to me to my target race, the London Triathlon, in the best shape possible.

The process starts with a Test Week – I complete swim, bike and run tests to help Ralph work out my training zones and intensity over the next month or so, the plan is then upgraded each month depending on progress. The swim test is pretty simple – 3 x 100m intervals at max possible pace – with 20 seconds rest periods in between. The average is then taken to help work out my training pace. I did this last night and average time was about 1min 40 – if you are interested.

This morning I did the bike test. Again pretty simple but still tough. After a ten 10 minute warm-up, I had to complete an 8 minutes max effort.  With average heart rate, maximum heart rate and distance covered measured. After a ten minute recovery – I did it again.

Tomorrow is the run test which is very similar to the bike test. A warm-up followed by an 8 min max effort. Again,  average heart rate, maximum heart rate and distance covered will be measured. No repeat this time.

After all this, Ralph works out the training zones and send me the programme for the next month. It will involve a lot more time on the bike – something i desperately need and more structured swim training.  I will still be doing 2 or 3 run sessions a week – one speed, one endurance (the long slow run) and maybe the social run on a Monday with Chasers.

Will let you know more about training when I get the updated programme and more importantly, how I get on with that 8 minute run effort. How far should I get in 8 mins?



  1. I didn’t know you were getting a bespoke training programme – that’s cool! Are they expensive? Is Ralph the Master?

    I’m still totally vague on training programmes. Can’t decide which / what to do, although can see how the sprint and hill training could make a big difference. Will need to force myself to do it and, as you say, trust the plan…

  2. I’ll soon find out if he is the master – hope so. Expensive – quite, I suppose. But as you know, I like a plan!

  3. Wow. That sounds awesomely productive and helpful. *applause*

  4. Jeez, with all this training, I’d have thought you would do the Olympic distance at Hyde Park rather than the poncey sprint distance?

  5. You’re doing the sprint distance?? After all the stick I got at B2L doing this distance whilst you guys were doing Olympic. Disappointed.

    Although am super impressed with your enlisting of a trainer, and very jealous. I expect record breaking times in Hyde Park

  6. I am doing sprint distance at Hyde Park to help me with speed work for the real event – Olympic distance London Tri. I assume I will see you there Hannah?

    Will let you know how I get on with the trainer.

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