Posted by: jamescoyle | May 11, 2010

Club running

Last night I went to the Monday Social Run with my local club – Clapham Common Chasers. I’ve been to a couple of these sessions before (pre-marathon training) – they split into three groups – advanced, intermediate and beginner – and do one of two routes. Anyone can turn up, no membership fees at begin with, just a bunch of like-minded and friendly runners that go for a run and a chat.

Last night it was the shorter 7.5km Bridges route (thankfully!). It was my first run back from the marathon after my weekend runs plans were scuppered by illness, so I was unsure what group to go in.  After speaking to the session leader I found myself in the fast group.

Wow, they can run. I promptly found myself propping up the rear of the group desperately trying to keep up. Some of the guys (and girls) up at the front were chatting away and enjoying themselves and I was putting it all in to stay with the group! Every 2.5km or so the leaders stopped and everyone regrouped before we set off again.  I didn’t time it, so don’t know what the splits were, it just felt fast! I will time properly next week when my new Garmin arrives.

All in, it was hard work but enjoyable. Everyone is friendly and passionate about running. It is a great way to improve – there are top quality runners (and triathletes) there and it is a good way to push yourself to go faster than you would if you are training on your own.

Chasers do a variety of sessions during the week – might do a track session next Tuesday.


  1. Oh, excellent! I’m impressed that you kept up with the pack and stayed so positive. When I can run for a half hour straight, I plan to find runners in my town so I can have some company.

  2. Hi V&V – Thanks for stopping by. Running with others is good – talking will take your mind off how far you’ve gone.

    Hope your running continues to progress well.

  3. Dude, the monday was timed @ 37mins odd… I didnt stop the watch at the rest points…. see you soon

  4. Cheers Keith. Haven’t done much speed work recently – maybe that’s why I struggled! See you next week.

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